Home Security Systems – Wireless or Hard Wired?

There has been an ongoing debate about the qualities of wireless and hard wired security systems. Some will instantly suggest the selection of a wireless system while others prefer the more traditional hard wired variety.

When picking a security system, you need to examine the pros and the cons that each possibility provides. Once you draw the comparison, you will get all the information needed to decide.


How reliable is each security system when it comes to detecting intruders? This is the first and the most important question you will need to ask yourself.

There has been some research suggesting that the wireless systems are slightly more likely to set off a false alarm. Some people are also concerned about the possibility of signal interference in the case of a wireless system selection. Such issues are becoming less and less common as the technology improves.


The hard wired security system is more difficult to install. The DIY installation can last anywhere up to 16 hours. In the case of wireless technologies, most homeowners will need just a couple of hours to have the system up and running.

There will be some hard wiring even in the case of a wireless system. The power transformer and the admin stations feature among the parts of the system that will have to be hard wired. There are some wireless systems that eliminate these steps but the options are still a few.

Installation and Maintenance Cost

Since wireless systems utilize newer technologies, they tend to be more expensive than the hard wired varieties. The spare parts are also costlier.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that the professional installation of a hard wired system is more expensive due to the number of hours that it takes.

A wireless system will require frequent battery replacements, which will add up to the maintenance costs. In the long-run, a wireless system will be costlier to use. This is an important consideration. Do the calculations before purchasing one variety or the other.

Advantages of Each Variety

The hard wired security system is still considered more reliable, though its advantage over the wireless system is slight. Since many homes are already pre-wired, the installation can be a relatively simple task. The sensors and components tend to be cheaper and there is no risk of signal interference.

A wireless system, on the other hand, is much more convenient in terms of installation. There are no exposed wires interfering with interior design or decreasing the safety of your home. Remote home security control is possible through the use of a wireless system. Such systems provide some flexibility in terms of sensor installation and placement.

When it comes to features, each security system variety has its strengths and its weaknesses. Your budget, your sensor installation needs and requirements for additional features will help you determine whether to pick a wireless or a hard wired system.

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